Three Minutes to Finding Peace In Your Third Chapter

Most of us spend our waking mental moments on auto-pilot. We are either in the past, woulda, coulda, shoulda, or in the future; “What if?”. Do you remember driving to and from work today? Or what you had for dinner last night? Do you love multi-tasking? We are so rarely present and in the moment, this very moment, and then the next…. The past –  that way lies depression. We can’t undo the past. The future – that way lies anxiety. My crystal ball doesn’t work very well, I don’t know about yours.

Being in the moment allows us to be with what is, right now, this minute, which is all each of us has anyway. Using our breath as an anchor is such a comfort, and so portable as well.

The following is a short meditation that can be used to help you to relax, refresh, and refocus. I encourage you to use it three dedicated times/day- before breakfast, lunch, and dinner, as an example. The purpose of the practice is so that you can do it on your own with ease. It will feel natural to use it during those difficult times when you need a moment or two to take a step back, collect yourself and calm down.

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