The Valentine’s Day Gift That Keeps On Giving

The Valentine's Gift

My husband never thought he was going to die. He lived his life never acknowledging the fact that we all have an expiration date. He didn’t prepare for the inevitable, no matter the number times that I implored him to take some action.

Sadly, death came too soon and very quickly. As a grieving widow, I was swiftly plunged into the nightmare of finishing the unfinished business…of his contracting business, his personal bills, his credit cards, and attending to the myriad details and relationships that comprised his life and required closure.

What does this have to do with a Valentine’s gift you ask? Just this. Give your loved one(s) the gift of your passwords. All of them, your phone, your computer, your tablet. Give all that will be needed in case of your death.

Put them in a lock box at the bank, place them in an envelope marked “to be opened upon my death”, give them to your attorney to hold for you, get a password management system. Give. Give. Give. After you have given, make sure to keep your passwords updated when any changes are made.

Imagine that you are grieving. You have been sucker punched, stabbed in the heart, kicked in the gut, and you cannot catch your breath. The grief comes in great waves and often when you least expect it, a tsunami of emotion that knocks you flat and you wonder if you will ever get up again.

Now imagine that in the midst of your suffering, you are dealing with the phone company, credit card companies, your loved one’s business associates, the business customers, the finances, the IRS, the Franchise Tax Board, etcetera, etcetera, not to mention attending to your family members who have also been brought to their knees by the loss. Now imagine that in the midst of all your pain, you don’t have your loved one’s passwords for anything. You are S.O.L.

To say that dealing with communications providers, service providers, government entities and banks is often difficult, is putting it mildly. Without passwords? Those folks offer their condolences and then proceed (through no fault of their own) to make your life a living hell, as if it isn’t bad enough already. The already complex becomes a forced march through the dense quagmire of bureaucracy, voice menus, dropped calls, policies that make no sense, and people who do not listen. Tears and frustration aplenty.

Have I made my point? You get my drift right? Now is the time to give the gift of peace of mind to your loved ones and to yourself as well. Ask for that same gift in return. Your loved ones will one day cherish your generosity and your thoughtfulness as you will cherish theirs.

More information and follow-up on this and other similar topics will be gifted throughout the year. It is only Valentine’s Day after all….Enjoy and give. Give. Give. Give.