Take A Self-Compassion Break


When the going gets tough, the tough take a self-compassion break.


That’s right! A few minutes to conjure some kindness for yourself and for others too. What does this do? It helps to heal the heart and calm the brain.  The first step is to breathe…..That’s it…slowly…gently…notice your breath.

See if you notice any discomfort in your body…when you find it, notice where you feel most strongly…breathe…

Now slowly say to yourself:

1.  This is a moment of suffering – “this hurts, this is tough”

2. Suffering is a part of life – “other people feel this way, I am not alone”

3.  May I be kind to myself – “may I give myself the compassion that I need, may I be safe, may I be strong”

If you are struggling to find the right words, imagine what you would say to a dear friend in need of comfort. Repeat these phrases as often as you need to and don’t forget to breathe…..