How To Make Peace With Chronic Pain – A Mindful Approach

Sometimes When You Are In A Dark Place
Mindful meditation can be so helpful for those of you who are suffering from chronic pain. You who live with pain know full well that every aspect of your life is impacted by misery, 24/7. Pain killers can provide temporary relief for some, but often the side effects can be worse than the pain itself, and the potential for addiction is real.

Medications are not a solution and they often become a larger problem than the pain. You may go from doctor to doctor seeking relief and you may have spent a lot of money searching for alternative solutions to your pain.

Your friends and family are initially empathetic, but if they haven’t experienced chronic pain they really don’t get it. They want you to just get better, suck it up and muscle through. “it can’t be that bad”. You wish you could suck it up too, but you just can’t. No one really understands.

You often struggle with low mood, anxiety, depression, and insomnia, and your social life can shrink to nothing. How many times have you said yes to an invitation, only to decline because you are having “a bad day”? Your friends eventually stop asking and you find that you are more and more isolated. Your intimate life with your partner may shrink to nothing. Having sex may be painfully impossible for you.

Your partner may feel torn with wanting to be sexually intimate and not wanting to hurt you. What a horrible dilemma! Your relationship begins to suffer and both of you are lonely. It can seem that there is no way out of this vicious cycle of wanting to be close to your partner and also wanting to protect your body from any more pain.

A Mindful Meditation practice can change the way you relate to pain. How is that you ask? The changes are found within the experience of the meditation practice. You have to do the practice and then notice the experience. There aren’t any short cuts to the neurological changes that take place as a result of a consistent meditation practice.

It is a practice of BE rather than Do and the practice literally changes the brain for the better. With meditation you can meet your pain, even befriend your pain and your body. Greater comfort in the mind leads to greater comfort in the body.

There are many studies which show objectively just how helpful mindfulness practices are in working with chronic pain. I will post some resources on my website this week. However you just want some peace and comfort now.

What would it be like for you to feel empowered to work effectively with your pain? How would it feel to have compassion for yourself and your pain, instead of anger, hatred, and despair? Pain has hijacked your life and been in charge for long enough. As a mindfulness practitioner and coach, I can provide you with the skills and tools to assist you in making peace with your pain. You can feel better.

You can find ways to integrate you current condition into the rest of your life, instead of just surrendering your life to the pain. You can add to the quality of your life and embrace your relationships once again. You and I can partner together to help you move forward into a more enjoyable, peaceful, and comfortable life. I work virtually through internet video and audio. No matter where you are in the world, there I am. Please call me for a 15 minute free telephone conversation. I would love to talk to you. If I can’t help you, I can certainly refer you to someone who can.