Life Coaching

Every life is a story of constant change with countless beginnings and endings along the way. The trick is in finding fulfillment and direction in the in the midst of those transitions.

You deserve to love the life you live

Sandwiched between adult (or nearly adult) children and aging parents, you’re far from the end of your life. And yet, even as you’re still in the thick of these responsibilities and relationships, you sense that things are changing – and nobody asked your permission!

After a lifetime of juggling, you find that you can’t manage it all anymore. Or maybe you woke up one day and heard a little voice whisper “it doesn’t have to be this way.”

You don’t have to shove all the stress deep down inside and jeopardize your health. You don’t have to stick to the traditions and routines just because you always have. You don’t have to put yourself last any more.

It’s time to stop being responsible to everyone and everything. It’s time to take a deep breath and decide what you need to do to enjoy your life every day.

Be empowered to discover and walk your own path

My approach to life coaching is compassionate, direct, and pragmatic. I don’t pull any punches because I care too much to let you tiptoe around the truth.

As your life coach, I’m not here provide answers. It’s my job to help you see clear paths ahead and support you. You choose which way you want to go.

Even though the challenges you’re experiencing can feel impossible at times, your distress is only temporary. You have permission to move through life in a new way. This is your time to blaze a new trail.

Together, we explore what you want to change and develop a plan to get there…quickly and with minimal stress. Beginning with our very first coaching session, you will make shifts that help you align your reality with your dreams.

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I offer custom coaching packages to meet your needs. All sessions are held over phone or secure video connection – I can help you no matter where you are in the world!