Woofs Of Wisdom From Nacho

I posted a blog with Nacho’s photo the other day, and it seemed to be a big hit. Hopefully it was a combination of photo and content that people liked.  Nacho will be posting woofs of wisdom occasionally, with some guest posts by Toby the Weimaraner, and Rosie the Cat. He has asked me to share his story, so that you know you can better understand the troubled journey that led to his enlightenment. His traumatic beginnings led him down a path of deep spiritual growth. Nacho does not remember his biological family and he was apparently abandoned at an… Continue Reading This Article

VIDEO: The Holidays are Voluntary, Part 2

This is Part Two of The Holidays are Voluntary.  Today, I’m going to share with you a short meditative practice. A mini-meditation, if you will. A loving-kindness meditation. Now, hopefully you did make your list about what drains you and what sustains you. (If not, jump back to The Holidays are Voluntary, Part 1 to see what I’m talking about.  Make your lists and meet me back here.) Once your lists are made, you’ll be able to set some limits with yourself, with others, with certain situations that you may find terribly draining. And the more that you are able to maintain… Continue Reading This Article

T’is The Season To Be Snarky

I woke up today feeling rather disgruntled. It is as if I have been walking around in shoes that are half a size too small. Did you know that there are “rules” about blogging? There are metrics and statistics about what sells, what doesn’t sell. I get a weekly report that tells me the average amount of time folks linger on any particular page on my website! Can you imagine? I am supposed to write about your pain, not mine. Don’t talk about yourself. People don’t want that. Maybe so but here goes anyway. Continue to read…you have been forewarned…. Continue Reading This Article

VIDEO: The Holidays are Voluntary, Part 1

Yes, I know–once again, here comes yet another bit of advice on managing holiday stress. But, I want you to look at it a little differently, so bear with me if you will, and join me in the first part series on “The Holidays are Voluntary.” That’s right. Holidays–they’re voluntary. Believe it or not, at every step of the way, you’re actively making choices about what you do and what you don’t do. There are a couple major reasons we experience things as being stressful: We have expectations, particularly during the holiday season, which is so overlayed with expectations about… Continue Reading This Article