Five Hopes For Healing A Broken Heart

Valentine’s Day! Romance is in the air. For some it will be a day of hearts, flowers, and the clink of glasses as love is joyfully toasted. A special day to celebrate loved ones and loving relationships. For those who have lost a love, Valentine’s Day is yet one more reminder of the cards not sent, the flowers not received, and the hugs and kisses that won’t be shared. Your loneliness deepens, your spirit is in shadow, your heart feels broken, and envy rears its ugly head as all you see around you are happy couples. I know. I am an orphan, a widow, and I… Continue Reading This Article

Take A Self-Compassion Break

  When the going gets tough, the tough take a self-compassion break. That’s right! A few minutes to conjure some kindness for yourself and for others too. What does this do? It helps to heal the heart and calm the brain.  The first step is to breathe…..That’s it…slowly…gently…notice your breath. See if you notice any discomfort in your body…when you find it, notice where you feel most strongly…breathe… Now slowly say to yourself: 1.  This is a moment of suffering – “this hurts, this is tough” 2. Suffering is a part of life – “other people feel this way, I… Continue Reading This Article

Women Who Bounce Emotional Resilience involves the ability to withstand and rapidly bounce back from stress. When we take a hard hit in life, we do the best we can to cope with what is happening. Unfortunately sometimes the ways in which we cope are not healthy and can ultimately lead to even more stress. For example, women often turn  to shopping, over eating, alcohol, other substance abuse and a general lack of focus on good self care. Fortunately there are some simple and effective habits that can be learned and strengthened in order to improve our ability to bounce back…. Continue Reading This Article

Together We Can Clean Out The Yuck

Life Coaching Stories From the Third Chapter

       The time has come and I approach my refrigerator with reluctance and no small measure of disgust. I am determined to find the source of that sickening sweet smell that assaults me every time I open the door. I have been throwing things out in the past few days and mopping up unidentified spills along the way, and still the smell is there. What is it? I empty the shelves, even the ones in the door. I dismantle the fridge piece by piece and wash it all  clean in hot, soapy water. The interior shines when I am… Continue Reading This Article

Three Minutes to Finding Peace In Your Third Chapter

Most of us spend our waking mental moments on auto-pilot. We are either in the past, woulda, coulda, shoulda, or in the future; “What if?”. Do you remember driving to and from work today? Or what you had for dinner last night? Do you love multi-tasking? We are so rarely present and in the moment, this very moment, and then the next…. The past –  that way lies depression. We can’t undo the past. The future – that way lies anxiety. My crystal ball doesn’t work very well, I don’t know about yours. Being in the moment allows us to… Continue Reading This Article

How To Make Peace With Chronic Pain – A Mindful Approach

Mindful meditation can be so helpful for those of you who are suffering from chronic pain. You who live with pain know full well that every aspect of your life is impacted by misery, 24/7. Pain killers can provide temporary relief for some, but often the side effects can be worse than the pain itself, and the potential for addiction is real. Medications are not a solution and they often become a larger problem than the pain. You may go from doctor to doctor seeking relief and you may have spent a lot of money searching for alternative solutions to… Continue Reading This Article

The Valentine’s Day Gift That Keeps On Giving

My husband never thought he was going to die. He lived his life never acknowledging the fact that we all have an expiration date. He didn’t prepare for the inevitable, no matter the number times that I implored him to take some action. Sadly, death came too soon and very quickly. As a grieving widow, I was swiftly plunged into the nightmare of finishing the unfinished business…of his contracting business, his personal bills, his credit cards, and attending to the myriad details and relationships that comprised his life and required closure. What does this have to do with a Valentine’s… Continue Reading This Article