Together We Can Clean Out The Yuck

Life Coaching Stories From the Third Chapter
Stories From The Third Chapter


     The time has come and I approach my refrigerator with reluctance and no small measure of disgust. I am determined to find the source of that sickening sweet smell that assaults me every time I open the door. I have been throwing things out in the past few days and mopping up unidentified spills along the way, and still the smell is there.

What is it? I empty the shelves, even the ones in the door. I dismantle the fridge piece by piece and wash it all  clean in hot, soapy water. The interior shines when I am done.

I begin to sort through the scattered bottles, containers and jars on the kitchen counter, discarding the long outdated and wiping and replacing the rest in neat, organized rows on the now clean shelves.

I rarely post anything about my personal life on Facebook.  This time I post, “Have you ever been cleaning your refrigerator and wished that you could just throw it away and buy another one.” Tons of likes and comments in less than 24 hours! No one wants to clean their fridge!

What is it about diving deep and cleaning out the yucky stuff that makes us want to head for the hills? We close the door and walk away. Until that awful something; that grief, that pain, that heartache, that disgusting smell, compels us to investigate further.

It then becomes clear that it is time to sort out, cleanse and dispose of that which is no longer working for us. It may be a lack of self-care issue, a pain long buried that tunnels its way to the surface, a toxic relationship, an itch that can’t be scratched, a life change, a grief that holds us back.

All of the yuck that finally gets our attention and forces us to take action. Then and only then do we take some positive action.

Two and one-half tedious hours later. My refrigerator looks like new. That disgusting smell? The really gross tofu and soy sauce left in a container, shoved to the back, and long forgotten by my daughter. Finally!

I vow, as I have done before, that I will clean the fridge out daily. I have made that pledge in the past, and I already know that I won’t. Other smells will call for my attention, the past forgotten until the next bad odor comes along.

I want to be more accountable to my own promises to myself because life will be easier. I can take five minutes a day that the future me can feel good about.

What promises have you made to yourself that you want to be held accountable for? What is it that needs your attention; the yuck that you can’t identify and just won’t go away? What do you need help and support with?

Life Coaching with me can help you to identify what is not working in your life and support you in making the changes that you want to make. Together we can clean out the yuck and you can create the life that you want. Please visit my website to schedule your free 15 minute phone or video consultation.