Life Coaching for Women In Their Third Chapter

You have done everything you were supposed to do.

You’ve worked hard and taken care of everyone. You’ve been a “good” woman: a wife, a mother, a daughter…

Now what?

When you’re honest with yourself, you aren’t sure where your life is heading. If your life seems to have any specific direction at all, it’s not a path that makes you feel empowered and energized.

The way you feel, burned out, stuck, or lost? It makes perfect sense. At this point in life, everything is changing – and it is hard to know if it’s for the better.

It’s tough to focus on living in the here and now and creating a future you’re excited about when you’re missing the life you once knew.

It’s time for you to embrace and create a map for your Third Chapter: the 30 – 40 years that you get to enjoy AFTER you launch your children into adulthood.

Meet Susan Faurot, LMFT, Life Coach & Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist

I’m so glad we’ve found one another! I support women in transition like you. Let me help you discover how you’ll embrace the third chapter of your life.

Through non-judgmental no-nonsense life coaching you can learn how to tap into your personal power. You can lead a more mindful, engaged life and improve your mental and physical health through what I call “conscious living.”

When you choose to live consciously, life doesn’t just happen to you. You can learn to step out of auto pilot and live everyday with intention. When you are in the moment, you are aware, and you have access to your own inner wisdom. You get to choose how to meet challenges and make room for greater joy and fulfillment every single day.

Walk a path that inspires you in your life’s Third Chapter!

I provided therapy to women like you for over 30 years. So much of that work was about delving into past and looking backward.

Now that I have entered my own Third Chapter, I’ve stepped into coaching because I realize that’s what women our age really need. It’s time for us to work on the here and now and envision the future that is aligned with our dreams. I know that this is the most direct pathway to deep change and transformation – for you, for me, for all women who want to make the world a better place and leave with as few regrets as possible.

Call me today for your free 15 minute phone consultation. Let’s talk about how you’ll make the best of life’s journey.


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“I came to Susan as a 54 year old woman who was dealing with the empty nest syndrome (my youngest was preparing to leave home), solely taking care of my elderly and ill parents (although I had two other siblings), and a woman who was realizing that her 34 year marriage was loveless, unhealthy, and over. I was frozen in fear, filled with anger and shame. Although I was not sure what a Life Coach really did or could do for me, I met with Susan and liked the things she said and thought I’d give this a try. All I knew at that time was the reality that the life, the way I was living it, was not really living at all!

One year later, I can tell you the journey hasn’t been easy. Change, after so many years, means realizing the truth about the choices you made. I wanted to run through this as quickly as possible, but Susan very gently reminded me, that you cannot skip over any stones to get through this. However, Susan has given me the tools, the encouragement, and the wonderful sounding board to help me uncover all the masks and ideas that I have been carrying for a life time in regards to who I thought I was supposed to be, what I was supposed to do, how I was supposed to act, and what I was supposed to feel. Recently, in a conversation with Susan, after returning from a trip aboard that I took by myself and for myself, I said these words to Susan that I thought I would never hear…

‘During this trip, I found and fell in love with the most incredible and amazing person that I have ever met…ME!’

I never could have imagined how wonderful I feel. I know now that there is so much out there in life, waiting for me to explore. Together, Susan and I have worked in helping me to find this brave, strong, and intelligent woman. I highly recommend working with Susan if you are facing any of the issues that we as women, in the third act of or lives, face.” Karen M